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  • Silver Auto Feminised
  • Silver Feminised
  • Gold Auto Feminised
  • Gold Feminised

Auto Lowryder 2

Auto Lavender

Auto Big Bud XXL

Auto Magnum

Auto Skunk Haze

Auto Tutankhamon

Auto Critical

Auto LSD

Auto Girl Scout Cookies

Auto Black Domina

Auto Super Skunk

Auto California Orange

Auto Pineapple

Auto Malana Bomb

Auto Super Bud

Auto Blueberry

Auto Red Poison

Auto X.Treme

Auto Mamba Negra

Auto Purple

Auto Hindu Kush

Auto Northern Lights

Auto Lemon Haze

Auto Dark Purple

Auto Panama Lime

Auto CBD White Widow

Аuto Kush

Auto Blue Cheese

Auto Bloody Skunk

Auto UK Cheese

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise

Auto Critical Orange Punch

Auto Haze

Auto Critical XXL

Auto Bloody skunk

Auto UK Cheese

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise

Auto Orange punch

White Lavender


Sour Diesel

Black Widow


Blue Mango

Early Skunk

Blue Widow

White Lavender

Big Devil

CBD Mango Haze

CBD White Widow

Bubble gum

White Widow

OG Kush

Sour Diesel

Durban Poison

Jack Herer

Auto Big Devil

Auto Mazar

Auto Northern Lights

Auto Somango

Auto White Widow

Auto Gelato

Auto Amnesia

Аuto cheese

Auto AK 49

Auto Ultimate

Auto Critical

Auto Blueberry

Auto Super Bud

Auto Deimos

Auto CBD Northern Lights

Auto Destroyer

Auto CBD White Widow

Auto Kush

Auto CBD New York Diesel

Auto AK 47

Auto Orange

Auto Power Plant

Auto Big Bud

Auto White Russian

Auto Afghan Kush



White Russian

Moby Dick

AK 47

Super Silver

Amnesia Haze

Super Skunk


Early Skunk

New york diesel

Black Domina

Northern Lights


White Widow


Kali Mist

L.A Confidencial

Bubble Gum

Jack Herer

CBD NYC Diesel


CBD Himalaya Gold

Gorilla Glue

Power Plant

Cheese Berries


Girl`s Scout Cookies

Gorilla Glue

Big Bud

Afghan Kush

Errors Seeds is the first Ukrainian cannabis seed-bank. We are also one of the first seed-banks in the CIS market. We are producers of high quality cannabis seeds including auto, feminized and hybrid varieties and strains. We implement high standards and procedures of the quality control at all stages of production: breeding, growing and creating new genetic hybrids, feminizing and selecting seeds, storing and packaging of our products. We take pride in our excellent customers service.

Why should you buy directly from us?

Error Seeds values our reputation. Our customers’ satisfaction is our main priority. We offer an easy return and conflict resolution policy. We always refund payment for the damaged during the shipment. Our return policy is simple and convenient for the clients. We respond to all requests within 24 hours. You do not need to wait an answer for weeks. All questions about the quality of seeds are resolved quickly and sufficiently.

Error Seeds offers the best prices, much better than most distributors and retailers.

We have 10 years of experience, so with Errors Seeds you can be confident in high quality service
Our philosophy is based on excellent quality, service and affordability.
Since 2009, we strive to satisfy the needs of our customers – a wide circle of the beginners, enthusiasts, commercial growers and experts.
Our company follows and implements all recent innovative trends in the cannabis industry. We serve our mission of popularizing cannabis with devotion. We want our customers be happy and satisfied with the excellent service.

Our Statistics:

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the market
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shops with
excellent reviews

Our Philosophy

High Quality

All seeds from the Errors Seeds are the seeds of highest quality. All seeds undergo a thorough and multi-stage quality control and verification before shipping the order.

Excellent Service

Our managers are ready to help you make the right choice. We work to answer your questions and help you during a checkout. Your order will be delivered on time in a discreet packaging.

Timely Delivery

We ship worldwide. We ship to all cities, towns and villages in the world. Your seeds will arrive on time in a discreet packaging.


Errors Seeds offers affordable prices. We are the most competitive on the cannabis market. Our goal is to provide all customers with inexpensive and high-quality cannabis seeds.

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